RBI The One Ring Campaign

2945 - Attercops in the Woods

The Gathering of the Company

In the spring of 2945, two Elves from from Mirkwood, a Beorning and a young smith from Dale had spent the winter held up in the inn known as the Laughing Bowman in Esgaroth. The elves, Calendal and Eryndrith, along with the Beorning, Berald, had been escorting caravan’s down the Elf-Path for their old friend Erling the merchant. While there they had met Erling’s nephew, Lodin, who had left Dale and was in search of adventure or at least to see the world.

As the spring thaw began the company had agreed to head back west along the Elf-Path, the merchant Erling introduced the company to two young men, Guntar Resticard and Aescstan. They had come north from the village of Ulgarstat seeking help. People had been going missing around the village and they wanted to hire someone to investigate. The company agreed and Guntar and Aescstan led them south 28 miles to the village of Ulgarstat.

Soon after arriving the company agreed to look for the two people that had gone missing most recently, Ulgar’s son Runnal and his betrothed Currael Wessuntha. It did not take long for the party to find the cause of all of the mischief. The woods to the north west of Ulgarstat were infested with giant Attercop spiders. After tracking them to their lair the company was able to cut it’s way into the webbed stronghold, slay the spiders and free Runnal and Currael from the webs. While searching the area, Eryndrith found a very old ring of elvish make and took it as his share of the spoils.

Upon returning the couple to Ulgarstat the company were greated as heros and rewarded with both treasure and ponies as well as being told that they are always welcome in Ulgarstat.

In a hurry to get back west, the company returned to Esgaroth and prepared to head out.



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