Merry, Honourable Elf of Mirkwood Warden


Calendal was born in 2843 in Mirkwood. He was named Gillear(Star Song) by his
father, but was later given the name Calendal(Green Foot) by his friends because
of his love of the forest above ground. He was later given another name by his
mother, but that is a name only know to his closest of companions.

Around the age of 50, Calendal began his exploration of the lands of Mirkwood,
outside of the Halls of the Elven King. Caledan was drawn to visit the
settlements of Northmen just outside of the north and western portion of
Mirkwood. He enjoyed watching the Northmen and began to play pranks on them.
After a few seasons the pranks soon turned to assistance as he learned that
humans were not immortal as the elves and that the pranks began to lead to
hardships for the families.

Calendal also began journeying sometimes with traders from Dale when a
particularly brave one would trade with the tribes to the west of Mirkwood,
using the Elf Path. Calendal was always welcome because of his merry demeanor,
knowlege of Mirkwood and the calming effect his songs had on the pack animals.

In 2941, Calendal wished to travel with the Elves to join with the men of Dale
in the siege of the Lonely Mountain but was refused. Instead he visited the
human villages he knew to the west of Mirkwood. There, he join in with a band of
Northmen in fighting small pockets of Goblins and Wargs that were retreating
from the Battle of Five Armies.

After the Battle of Five Armies, Calendal decided that if the Elves of Mirkwood
were to ever move back above ground, Mirkwood had to be cleared of the Shadow.
He also believes that in order for that to happen, all the inhabitants of
Wilderland would have to join together as they had at the Battle of Five Armies.
After the crushing defeat of the Goblins and Wargs, now is the time to press the


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